Look great by reducing aging signs such as wrinkles using our night cream.

We Are The Blush Stories

I’m Rosie Morris working with The Blush Stories as a skincare expert. For those that want their skin to function better at night and reveal a youthful look, we recommend that you start using our night creams. Besides hydrating your skin properly at night, it is inexpensive and lasts for long.

What we Offer

Youthful look

The surface layers of your skin are revealed  

Reduce aging signs

The fine lines and wrinkles are reduced in appearance  

Smooth skin

Your skin becomes smoother  


The night cream removes dead skin cells  

What People Say

Lorene Ray

I never really thought that I needed to use a cream moisturizer before going to bed until I learnt its benefits through a consultant from The Blush Stories. 

Darla Quinn

I bought their night cream at an affordable price and I have been using it for months now. It keeps my skin well hydrated and soft.

Leona Carlson

My skin needs to be taken care of even at night. At The Blush Stories we have the best night cream to help your skin function better.


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